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Yes, everyone!!! As, 2013 has come to an end; It is finally the right time to post the full list of all the movies released during this year. Happy New Year.

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When I was little, I ran up to my dad and told him excitedly, “Mom said I was a lesbian!”

He looked startled.  “I don’t think she told you that,” he said slowly.

"Yes she did!  She said I was a lesbian!"

"No, I’m pretty sure she didn’t…"

I started getting mad.  “She did!  She said I was good at acting!”

"…That’s a thespian.  A thespian.”


But in the end I just grew up to be a lesbian.

Online Call Board?


So I’m about to start a show in a couple months, and I was toying with the idea of creating on Online Call Board. In addition to emailing out all calendars, calls, contact information, etc., I was thinking about creating a website or something where all the information would be in one spot…

I LOVE this idea, for my previous productions I have made a Facebook page where I can send all of my information out.

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